Airbrush Makeup Course

Airbrush Make-up

A premiere way of applying makeup

Airbrushing has become one of the premiere ways of applying makeup. In this course the airbrush is de-mystified. You are shown how to properly care and maintain it. In addition, you will study the techniques necessary to do beautiful, flawless beauty makeup. Learn the techniques that are being required by the major studios as well as demanding clients. This course consists of 10 sessions for a total of 35 clock hours.

We recommend choosing Airbrush as the first specialization course in the Level 2 Series. You can also use your knowledge and the airbrush itself in the other courses and programs we provide. Needless to say it will have a major influence on the quality of your work.

All but traditional

Airbrush makeup is undoubtedly the new trend of the moment. In India, we are very familiar with traditional ways of applying makeup: make-up brushes and sponges are a part of every professional make-up artist’s collections.

Keep up with makeup trends

Every now and then there are some new trends being launched. That is also the case with airbrush make-up. A phenomenon that is well known in the largest cities, like Hollywood, London and Paris.

The airbrush technique is mainly used in television and fashion shows, but is being used increasingly for bridal make-up. Did you know airbrush make-up is water resistant, and can last up to twelve hours? Talk about durability! Airbrush is a real must for the make-up professional!

During the airbrush training you will demystify this versatile and helpful tool that should be a part of every make-up artist’s brush belt. We will show how to maintain it, clean it, and most of all, use it to create beautiful and flawless make-up.

Airbrush Make-up Highlights









For who and why

Airbrush course is for anyone who wishes to enhance and broaden their knowledge of make-up. A basic cosmetology course (or equivalent experience) is, however, a must to participate in this training. Students without a Level I certificate will have to pass an examination before enrolling. Not sure whether this make-up course is suitable for you? Please contact us and make an appointment for a personal consultation with one of our teachers.

Experience and Training

Do you already have a Level I certificate? Then you can follow this program without any other requirements.

Are you a professional or do you enjoy other basic makeup training? We invite you gladly for an intake interview and practical test at the school. Please contact us for more information.

Our quality

Make-Up Designory grew into the largest educational system that focuses exclusively on training for makeup artists. Over the years, we remain true to our educational standards, curriculum development and teacher training. So we created a standard form of makeup education that is followed worldwide. The same curriculum and the same high standards and MUD certified teachers can be found in MUDs main campuses in New York and Los Angeles, and through the international network MUD studios.